Home Rental Programs

I am a certified program agent in guiding prospective residents through these programs to homes that they can't find elsewhere.

Let's Find Your Perfect Home.

Not quite ready to buy a home, relocating, or simply would like to try your home before you buy? Explore an alternative path to homeownership with me guiding your every step of the way. We have three great rental programs available for you to choose from to help you get into the home of your dreams.

Rent with A Right to Purchase

Rent it now with the Right (not the obligation) to Purchase it in the future. You pick the home, our investment partner buys the home on your behalf and rents the home back to you on a minimal 1 year lease basis. No penalties if you choose not to buy the home you are renting.

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Rent to Own

Making homeownership accessible to everyone, this program is designed for those who can't or don't want to own right now, but intend to buy in the future. A portion of the monthly rental amount will count towards your downpayment later. We let customers choose the home they want, ensuring they get to live in a home they love and enabling them to gain equity credits with each rent payment during their 3 year lease term.

When they are ready, they can then choose to buy, or not buy, the home back from us with their saved home equity credits.

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Contract For Deed

A Contract For Deed is another great option for many. They can be misunderstood and not as widely used. With this option, you actually own the home from the very beginning.

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